Reports From The Field

Project title Download Field Report Highlight
Before and After in Belize: Testing a Marine Reserve PDF Download Density and size structure data was examined to determine if the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve was successful at protecting and replenishing the queen conch populations.
Climate and Landscape Change in Borneo's Rainforest PDF Download The final full year of data collection—and one in which the contribution Earthwatchers made was vital.
Climate Change in Brazil's Atlantic Forests PDF Download We discovered that initial secondary forest stands grow faster, but with fewer tree species and lower biodiversity and complexity, than older stands.
Climate Change in China’s Gutianshan Forests PDF Download Results from quantification of carbon stocks and fluxes in the forests of Gutianshan along a gradient of disturbance, based on soil and wood debris samples.
Climate Change in Wytham Woods PDF Download Research indicates that in temperate woodlands dead wood decomposes more slowly at the forest edge than in the core.
Conserving Grevy’s Zebra in the Samburu District PDF Download An update on Grevy’s zebra population and that of its competitors, including other wild herbivores and livestock.
Conserving Koala Country PDF Download Manna Gum habitats at Cape Otway support up to 15 koalas per hectare, which is possibly the highest densities of koalas ever recorded.
Costa Rican Coffee from Community to Cup PDF Download Results on the role of pollinators in determining coffee fruit set and yields, how the distribution of forest remnants affect communities of bees, and how farmers were encouraged to protect and restore habitat that supports coffee crops in Tarrazú.
Encountering the Prehistoric People of New Mexico PDF Download Excavation at an archaeological site in Obsidian Valley revealed intact cultural deposits.
Into the Al Hajar with the Arabian Tahr PDF Download Results include findings from developing reliable survey techniques that can be used by rangers to monitor and estimate tahr population sizes.
Loons and the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill PDF Download Findings suggest that loons, feeding at the top of the food chain, are getting exposed to petroleum through their diet.
Managing Mangroves and Capturing Carbon in Kenyan Communities PDF Download We are on-course to launch Africa's first community-based mangrove conservation and development project funded by carbon credits.
Paradise Wood—Experimental Plantation in England PDF Download A strong response of forest to local weather conditions is observed.
South African Penguins PDF Download Helped rescue around 200 penguins after an oil leak.
Spirit of the Rockies: Songbirds, Mountain Lions, and More PDF Download Passive capture of a white-throated sparrow—which has never been documented breeding in Wyoming—is made.
The Riparian Zone: Protecting California’s Rivers PDF Download Data collected from Mokelumne and Cosumnes Rivers will help land managers with long-term monitoring objectives.
Turtles in Trouble PDF Download Together we have performed over 115 necropsies (post-mortems) on sea turtles and stranded sea birds, cleaned up over 77,000 square-meters of beach and removed and sorted over 12,000 pieces of marine debris.
Volcanology in Iceland PDF Download We now have an inventory of species in Masaya Volcano National Park and will monitor them as the level of volcanic activity changes.
Walking with African Wildlife PDF Download White rhino numbers seem to remain consistent.
Whales and Dolphins under the California Sun PDF Download No significant difference in the respiration patterns of gray whales is observed when they are in the presence of vessels.
When Archosaurs Attacked and Reptiles Ruled Texas PDF Download New species of crocodilian found, with enough fossils to reconstruct whole body from snout to tail.
Wildlife of the Mongolian Steppe PDF Download Local governments of two Mongolian states approve the establishment of a local protected area surrounding Ikh Nart Nature Reserve.

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