Estimating the Carbon Stock of a Community Forest at Nathinoipalle

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Estimating the Carbon Stock of a Community Forest at Nathinoipalle

Help researchers understand the forest ecosystem by working with them in the Nathinoipalle community forest.

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The facts

Why the research is important

Why the research is important

Expect to gain insight into how community forests are managed and what benefits they bring to the people around them.

Forests provide essential ecosystem services such as watershed protection, water flow regulation, nutrient recycling, and carbon storage.

The carbon stored in the above-ground living biomass of trees is typically the largest pool holding carbon in a forest. It’s also the most directly impacted by deforestation. Estimating the carbon stored above ground is a critical step in quantifying the total carbon stocks of forests—and it’s a step you’ll help with on this day in the field. Your work will help lead to an estimate of the total carbon stock and a map of the water resources in the Nathinoipalle community forest.

Volunteer engages in trunk measurements

Volunteer engages in trunk measurements

Earthwatch has partnered with the Centre for People’s Forests (CPF) on this expedition, which has worked for more than a decade in the Narsarpur forest range of Medak district, where the Nathinoipalle community forest is located. Most people in the Nathinoipalle area rely on agriculture and non-timber forest products for their livelihoods, so the health of the natural environment is critical for their well-being.

About the research area

Community Forest at Nathinoipalle, India, Asia

Daily life in the field


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The Scientists


Director, Centre for People’s Forestry

ABOUT Surya Kumari

Dr. Kumari is passionate about achieving a meaningful role for women in forestry and empowering individuals to use natural resources sustainably. She has served on many government policy committees and has worked on a carbon stock estimation study with the Indian Institute of Science and the India Forest Governance Learning Group.


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Accommodations and Food


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