Conserving an Urban Eco-Lifeline at Kolkata: East Kolkata Wetland

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Conserving an Urban Eco-Lifeline at Kolkata: East Kolkata Wetland

Help protect the life and legacy of East Kolkata Wetlands by studying and documenting their biodiversity.

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The facts

Why the research is important

Why the research is important

This research not only generates good scientific data; it also helps fishermen and local schoolchildren get involved in protecting this critical habitat.

The health of the East Kolkata Wetlands is key to the health of the city of Kolkata.

The importance of water for sustainable development and quality of life cannot be overemphasized. When bodies of water in and near urban areas are degraded—especially in areas where water is scarce—everyone who depends on them becomes vulnerable to losing valuable resources. But freshwater management is a huge challenge for cities, because so many human activities can threaten freshwater supplies.

The Kolkata wetlands support a huge variety of biodiversity including marine life

Join us on this one-day expedition to conduct valuable scientific research and support outreach and education efforts. While walking through these fascinating wetlands, you’ll help identify and document flora and fauna. In particular, you’ll focus on birds to capture data on the diversity of species present, which is a good indicator of the overall health of the ecosystem. You’ll also monitor water, air, and soil quality and conduct surveys for marsh mongoose. You may also help with the Fish Watch program, which involves working with local fishermen to identify fish species and understand their importance to local culture.

About the research area

East Kolkata Wetlands, India, Asia

Daily life in the field


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The Scientists


Biswajit Roy
Secretary, Nature Environment and Wildlife Society

ABOUT Biswajit Roy Chowdhury

Biswajit Roy Chowdhury is an eminent wildlife photographer well known in the field of environment and wildlife conservation in India. Since 1991 he has served as the secretary of the Nature Environment and Wildlife Society and as the editor of the magazine ENVIRON. Mr. Roy Chowdhury is the author of a number of books and articles. He has collaborated with the World Bank, Livelihoods Paris, the RBS Foundation, various international embassies and consulates, and the State Forest Department on different projects on wildlife and environment. He is a member of the State Wildlife Board and the Indian National Committee of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.


Accommodations and Food

Accommodations and Food


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