Beyond the Vineyard: Protecting Chile’s Wine Region

Wildlife & Ecosystems

Beyond the Vineyard: Protecting Chile’s Wine Region

How can Chile’s wine producers help protect the land they depend on?

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The facts

Why the research is important

Why the research is important

This research can lead to better ways for grape growers to balance their business with the health of the natural environment.

Native plants and animals provide essential protection for the health of both agriculture and natural ecosystems.

Protecting the Rivers of Chile's Wine Region with Earthwatch

Surveying vines, trees, and shrubs in the Chilean Mediterranean ecosystem.

Your work will help researchers better understand the role of native birds and trees in the ecosystem and assess the carbon storage benefit of these threatened habitats. This understanding can lead to better ways for grape growers to balance their business with the health of the natural environment.

Birds and plants are important parts of their habitats. Birds act as indicators of overall natural health because bird communities are selective about where they live, and won’t be as present or diverse in habitats altered by people. Trees and shrubs provide benefits beyond just their local environment: they store carbon in their woody tissue, keeping the greenhouse gas out of the atmosphere and slowing the process of climate change.

Take this rare opportunity to work toward the conservation of habitat that helps reduce the impacts of climate change and supports local and migratory wildlife, while at the same time learning how to sustain viable agricultural production and livelihoods.

About the research area

Colchagua Valley, Chile, Chile, South America

Daily life in the field


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The Scientists



Assistant Professor, Institute of Environmental Sciences and Evolution, Austral University of Chile

ABOUT Olga Barbosa

Why the Chilean Mediterranean ecosystem? “The conservation of this habitat is important not only for wineries that depend on the provision of ecosystem services that sustain production and wine quality, but also for successful climate change adaptation of local communities.”


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