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In 2019 Teach Earth Fellows will have the opportunity to test hypotheses, conduct field research, and collect important scientific data on climate change and other environmental issues on one of the following expeditions*:

Climate Change, Huckleberries, and Grizzly Bears in Montana

The research will help scientists in understanding the interacting effects of weather, insects, and other conditions that influence huckleberry productivity. Learn how these changes in huckleberry productivity could influence bears, and other animals, that depend on this food resource. Help collect data to study the potential effects, and predict changes to mitigate future problems.

Following Forest Owls in Western U.S.

In many western U.S. states, the population of the Flammulated Owl is threatened by habitat loss due to the effects of forest harvest practices and climate change. Researchers are testing strategies to protect the Flammulated Owl from habitat loss.

*expedition offerings may expand throughout the year with additional funding.

Restoring Sierra Meadows: The Source of California’s Water

Help scientists to understand how human activities have altered meadows in the Sierra Nevada and how these changes will impact their response to a changing climate.

Costa Rican Sea Turtles

Why have Pacific leatherback sea turtles almost disappeared? Look for answers and solutions on Costa Rica’s beaches.

Helping Endangered Corals in Little Cayman

What makes a coral reef resilient? On this beautiful island, find how we can help reefs survive climate change.

Teach Earth Information.

Teach Earth expeditions offer first-hand learning experiences

First-hand learning experiences can foster impactful lessons.

“There is something to be gained from the interpersonal experiences resulting from working with, sharing meals with, and interacting with scientists from around the world.”
Charlie La Rosa, 2017 Fellow

Teach Earth allows you to gain research skills

Use your talents to gain research skills.

“It's not every day that we, as teachers in Los Angeles, get to have this chance to be connected to a world that is greater than our city and for this I am truly grateful.”
Abraham Orozco, 2017 Fellow

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