Earthwatch Student Groups: Teacher Resources

Ready to get serious about an Earthwatch Student Group Expedition?

We've provided all the materials you'll need to recruit and present your expedition plans to students and parents, as well as tools to promote signups.

Expedition Overviews

These one-page sheets provide introductory information about individual expeditions for students.

Promotional Posters

Post these 8½ x 11-inch or 11 x 17-inch downloadable flyers in your classroom or around the campus to get students interested in joining your expedition.

Parent Email Template

We've provided email language to make it easy to reach out to parents and students. Adapt content from the template to meet your needs before emailing parents.

Parent Presentations

These PowerPoint presentations include extensive, specific information and photos about individual expeditions that will answer students' and parents' questions about where you're going, what you'll be doing, where you'll be staying, and how Earthwatch ensures participants' safety and welfare.

Student Citizen Scientist Completion Award Certificate

Upon completion of an Earthwatch Expeditions, teachers may adapt and print a Citizen Scientist Completion Award that students can reference on their resume and college applications.


Expedition Expedition Overview Promotional Poster Parent Presentation
Amazon Riverboat Exploration PDF PDF PPT
Climate Change at the Arctic's Edge PDF PDF PPT
Conserving Leopards and Monkeys in South Africa PDF PDF PPT
Exploring an Active Volcano in Nicaragua PDF PDF PPT
Puerto Rico's Rainforest PDF PDF PPT
Rescuing Coral Reefs in the Cayman Islands Soon! Soon! PPT
Safeguarding Whales and Dolphins in Costa Rica PDF PDF PPT
Saving Joshua Tree Soon! Soon! PPT
Shark Conservation in Belize PDF PDF PPT
Snorkeling to Protect Reefs in The Bahamas PDF PDF PPT
South Africa's Hyenas PDF PDF PPT
Swimming with Sea Turtles in the Bahamas PDF PDF PPT
Uncovering the Mysteries of Ancient Colorado PDF PDF PPT
Unearthing Ancient History in Tuscany PDF PDF PPT
Whales and Dolphins Under the California Sun PDF PDF PPT
Wildlife of the Mongolian Steppe PDF PDF PPT


Promotional Poster

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