Educator Impact


Engaging Teachers

The 'Citizen-Science' model operates on the principle that truly embedded learning comes from direct personal experience.

The Teach Earth programme engages teacher's hearts, hands and minds by connecting them personally to science and nature at an Earthwatch supported ecosystem research programmes.

A teacher undergoes an intensive research and learning programme by contributing to cutting edge scientific field research while simultaneously exploring the role of education in addressing global challenges and examining the best strategies for the teaching of environmental issues; supported by expert scientists and facilitators.

Teach Earth

Teach Earth is a journey of learning and discovery that inspires teachers through a unique combination of 'hands on' scientific research and learning about education for environmental sustainability.

Inspiring teachers to bring environment education to life!

Programme Overview

With the financial assistance from Government of NCT of Delhi and in technical partnership with GBPIHED, Earthwatch initiated a first of its kind ‘Citizen Science’ programme for teachers.

The five day residential programme for teachers was held at the GBPIHED Institute field station at Kullu, Himachal Pradesh.

The programme enabled teachers get a firsthand experience of field research on role of pollinators in agriculture sustainability and maintenance of biodiversity.

Teachers participated along with leading scientists in...

  • Survey and sampling of biodiversity
  • Monitoring phenology of the select species
  • Data collection on ecosystem services
  • Survey to understand dependency of communities on natural ecosystems

Programme Objective

  • To develop capacity of teachers to integrate environmental literacy and inquiry -based learning practices into the classroom
  • To develop the leadership and life skills of teachers
  • To provide teachers with experiences and materials that enrich their skills and practices as teachers
  • To provide teachers with the opportunity to personally connect with nature and help develop strategies to encourage students to make this connection as well
  • To help teachers become environmental role models for their students

Earthwatch Institute Leadership Programme on Climate Change

At Research and Learning Centre, Sirsi, Western Ghats

Teachers Network Team, 26-29 May 2011 A unique field based & experiential learning programme

Programme Purpose and Objectives


To develop and build capacity of JSW School Teachers on Climate change and Environmental issues and provide relevance (connecting the same) to existing environmental studies school curriculum.


  • To provide an overview of climate change/environmental facts and figures / solutions.
  • To participate in field research and get hands on experience on climate change research.
  • To generate ideas about participatory methods of learning about climate change and environment.
  • Help the teachers gain better understanding of climate change and other related environmental issues.
  • Support the teachers in developing an action plan for enriching the classroom learning experience of their students on these issues.

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