ESN: Protected Area Case Study

Corporate Partnerships

    Sheprine Akinyi, and her colleagues from Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya, joined the programme in 2013. Here’s what she had to say about her experiences.

    Mentoring for Success

    "The training was an eye opener for me and by the end of the first session I had already started envisioning changes that I would put in place once I went back to Lake Nakuru National Park. The training helped me realise just how privileged I was to be a part of a team managing such a site not only for the people of Kenya but for the world. I have been able to share knowledge and skills learnt at Mpala with many colleagues."

    Developing Skills

    "I have been able to use the people management skills that I gained to relate much better with my team members at all levels and one key thing that I learnt was that effective team working requires members with effective emotional intelligence. Further, it requires a leader with self-awareness, awareness of others, self-management and finally relationship management. I can confidently say that today I’m a better team leader than I was before going to Mpala.

    "The programme gave me the opportunity to stand before people and speak, and each time I gained confidence and by the end of the programme I could easily do a presentation. This was the greatest personal achievement of all. Today anytime I’m called upon to lead a programme or do a presentation at work, or at home, many of those that have known me get surprised and at the end they say “you have changed” – in my heart I know how and where – at Mpala."

    Building Networks

    "Finally, my story cannot end without mentioning the many networks I was able to create through the program. The many personal friends I made. We not only chat, but also consult and seek opinions and ideas that relate to our work and other personal issues. I now have many friends from diverse professional backgrounds that are ready to assist whenever I need their professional views to improve Lake Nakuru National Park as a World Heritage Site."

    To apply to be a mentee from a Protected Area, download the Protected Area Application.


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