Climate Change Leadership Programme

Climate Change Leadership Programme

Corporate Partnerships


    To engage senior business leaders and working group members of TQMS on climate change issues. This was done through an experiential and field based learning programme, that led to team and individual actions which may drive sustainable business policies and practices throughout the organisation.


    • To intensify climate change awareness by witnessing firsthand the impacts of climate change on biodiversity & ecosystems
    • To explore climate change from an ecological perspective through face to face interactions with leading research scientists
    • To deliver important research data for the scientific research programme led by Earthwatch and the Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc)
    • To develop a TQMS vision and plan for further engaging Tata employees in business relevant action on climate change
    • To create a network of business leaders who involve and inspire employees across Tata Group

    Learning Outcomes/Outputs:

    • A sense of connection to the natural world and the role of forests in mitigating climate change
    • A deeper understanding of climate change and how it relates to Tata’s business activities
    • First-hand experience of field research and climate change impacts
    • An inspiring team vision & action plan for the TQMS Group
    • Ideas and excitement around engaging employees in climate change
    • A network of leaders from different TATA Group companies
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