Biodiversity Immersion Programme

Biodiversity Immersion Programme

Corporate Partnerships


    To engage participants in Biodiversity and agricultural sustainability issues through an intensive experiential learning programme, leading to participants playing an active role in taking sustainability-related action at work and at home.


    • Provide broad-based education on biodiversity & ecosystem services
    • Gain deeper understanding of ITC’s approach to biodiversity conservation and sustainability
    • Deliver important research data for Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services
    • Connect sustainability to day-to-day business activities
    • Create a network of biodiversity champions who incorporate the organisation’s sustainability strategy into their day-to-day business operations
    • Stimulate business relevant sustainability action


    • A network of ITC Biodiversity Champions developed to take actions on sustainability issues.
    • Ideas for embedding biodiversity sustainability in the day to day operations of the ITC generated


    • Broad understanding about role of Biodiversity in agricultural sustainability developed.
    • Biodiversity Champions are motivated to reinforce the significance of biodiversity & agricultural sustainability issues within ITC
    • Understanding of the importance of scientific research into biodiversity conservation issues developed

    Role of Biodiversity Champions:

    • Engage people and raise awareness of biodiversity and sustainability issues
    • Take a lead in embedding sustainability in to day-to-day activities within ITC
    • Initiate sustainability related actions upon your return from the Environmental Champion Field Programme
    • Be a role model for other ITC employees
    • Engage in local sustainability issues and events
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