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Earthwatch events offer the opportunity to learn from top scientists about environmental issues that matter to the future of the planet, and how you can play a role in tackling them.




Sorry, there are currently no upcoming events for this region.

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Earthwatch Australia Annual Fundraising Dinner

Wednesday 2 September, 2015, 7pm
encore 10 Jacka Boulevard, St Kilda

A global leader in micro-sensor technologies and systems, Dr de Souza will tell us about his work placing robotics on Mars and computers the size of a grain of sand on the backs of bees in Tasmania.

Earthwatch Australia Annual Fundraising Dinner

Climate Change in Britain? Have your say.

Thursday, October 29, 2015
Royal Geographical Society, South Kensington, London

Earthwatch is bringing together a panel of top experts to outline what they consider Britain's vital actions on climate change to be.

Climate Change Action in Britain? Have your say.


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